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21.6.12 ♥♥♥♥ another note from KSMINTON | blogging about , , , , , , , 0 comments

you are seeing it right! we are having our very first stock clearance sales. take a look into our garden at the range of flowers that are going off at (in our opinion, really gorgeous - in hokkien, it's called swee) prices.

p.s. these are only some of the selection. we are also clearing stock for other items. feel free to drop by at our shop (and remember to take a look at our new display! tell us what you think about them!!!)

n.b. we re-upload the last photo to the correct product codes. (;

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18.6.12 ♥♥♥♥ another note from KSMINTON | 0 comments

awesome! we managed to link our blog and pinterest to facebook!

we have been away digitally but our physical selves are hard at work. (: (: (: trust us when we say that many good stuff are queuing for you... (: watch this space and you won't be disappointed.

meanwhile, take some time to look at our current obsession - pinterest. it's a handy app on iphone which is a super easy and fun to use to organize images online into inspiration/mood/theme boards. if only we can use this for all projects! like a client requests a theme and you pin all relevant images to pinterest and send her the link!  super handy and fun for busy you and me.

p.s. let's hope this post appears on facebook so we know it works...