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obsession with packaging -in general- and ribbons brought me to this website which consolidates interesting design concepts in product packaging.

visually appealing and coordinated packaging just make you feel like laying your hands on one of those products! it's interesting to realize how details like colours, typography and functionality of the packaging creates a branding to the product. as quoted from their website, it's brand packaging.

it goes to show how little efforts into packaging produce ripple effects to products, their brand and the company.


inspired by colour themed inspiration boards used in wedding website, i collated images from the packaging or fashion industry to create one board of my own!

meet the colour - sleek black

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with no coincidence, most of the packaging here involves ribbon. (:

the top left corner... a simple white box framed with black grosgrain ribbon. the grosgrain weaving provides texture to the otherwise plain box. the ribbon is embossed with silver prints for brand prominence. to emphasize on the products sheer opulence, the ribbons are sealed onto the product with a wax seal.

the all black packaging for vera wang's jewellery - from its box, to the tissue wrapper and even the ribbon. with reference from the packaging designer's website, the ribbon does not only serve aesthetically but also functionally as a handle to the box!

the bottom right hand corner... the white box and the simple black satin's contrast brings focus to the black print on the box depicting the product within the box. the quirky play in its packaging informs consumers of the box's content simply with the product's silhouette, clean and sleek.

the black prints on white background shown in the pencil dress and paper bags seem to reiterate the fantastic combination of black and white. black on its own is dark and sleek, with white this sleekness is emphasized with a clean-cut practicality. good for the minimalist feel...

black is gaining popularity in asian packaging but still not often use due to cultural taboo with the colour. these days, these taboos are overcome with appreciation of the colour and the delightful palettes it conjures with other colours.

try a little black today.

meet the colours

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colours are what make our world so rich and intensely beautiful. play around with them to customize a colour palette or theme you can truly call your own. through the colours you choose, your personality and feeling can be conveyed.

be daring in using colours and you will be surprise with the results.

below are some superb links (which shows and not just tell) of beautiful coordination and experiment of colours. they are wedding/fashion related (probably cos colours play quite a major part in these two areas). the ideas from these websites though, should be able to apply for all occasions such as the boldness in using certain colours.

one. inspiration board readers submit collage of images which inspire a wedding theme/colour palette. colour questions? there is also a section where readers post questions on colour palettes to use for their wedding. you will be surprised at how images from different sources can converge into a single theme.

two. project wedding image-intensive site with wedding decorations, floral arrangements to help in creating your own inspiration board. will be able to view images via colour.

three. wear palettes fashion related site which picks out colour palette from photos of the fashion conscious.

four. COLOURlovers design site purely focus on colour palettes and patterns derive from them.