it's all about the ribbons

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this entry is all about the ribbons. (:

what i love about them...

i love the scalloped edges. it's like lace yet not over-the-top...

who said check is boring? it never dies. another classic addition to ribbon collections.

i love...
the ruffles of course!
look a little closer and you can see heart shaped patterns cut-out. good for mixing and matching with other plain ribbons. adds a little love.

combination of fancy ribbons! any ribbon fanatic dream come true.

i love cotton ribbon. it has such a "raw" feel to it.

every christmas classic choice.

say colourful! adds a little colour to your gift.

layer this lace cut-out with another ribbon or use it as trimmings around your card.
i love imagining the use of this... just by looking at it!

metallic woven ribbon never fails to add that shine to your gift.
go crazy with these new additions.

like i said, get glamourous with this extra blingbling metallic ribbon
new baby designs for all new babies!

i love the tinsel.
add a tinge of festive mood to your gift by using this twisted cord, on its own or with a combination of other ribbon!

as with every entries, i have to say... i love my ribbons.

crafting memories

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remember back in the days when handmade gifts are still cherished memories? i used to gather remnants of my art & craft's supplies to make birthday, mother's day, father's day, chinese new year, christmas... etc etc etc... all kind of cards.

one of those time with many opportunities to craft more than one card is definitely teachers' day. above is a glimpse of the past through one little child's gift to her teacher. (:

share a glimpse of the past through your child's craft!