say it with me... ribbons!

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many many many types of ribbons. how do you choose?
take a look at some of the various classifications :)

if you want something pure glamourous with literal bling-bling... go for metallic ribbon

do not be mistaken, metallic ribbons are cloth ribbons. you are still able to make a bow with them. however, they tend to be stiffer due to the metallic threads used. these ribbons has the closest colour to the real gold and silver. gold or silver satin/organza ribbons usually capture the shade but still fail to create the shine (hence being misunderstood as brown or grey) .

satin is one of the popular and common type of cloth ribbons used. satin weaves tend to have a luster due to its smooth surface. depending on the materials used for the weave, the luster will differ. satin ribbon has always been a classic choice for wedding. its opacity provides emphasis to the decoration or floral arrangement.

organza is a transparent cloth ribbon. as such this ribbon is often added to decoration or arrangement to create a softer appearance. the sheer of the ribbon allows organza to provide colours to crafts yet not too much contrast.

grosgrain is gaining popularity as a choice for wedding or corporate gifts due to its luxe texture. there's a sense of grandeur attached to the ribbon. due to its weave, it tends to be thicker as compared to satin. in addition, the ribbed texture makes the ribbon stiffer.
there are still many types of ribbon. if you can name a fabric, most probably it has been woven into ribbon before. so the list of type of ribbons... really never ends (:
isn't it wonderful to surround yourself with ribbons?

woven delights

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thought those snapshots were it? there are more! feast your eyes on them.

there's always something delicate about woven ribbon. the intricate designs with the extra texture of embroidery on the ribbon just provides an additional charm to the craft it is used on.

fancy snapshots

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pardon our absence. we were busy with these...

fancy, aren't they? dress gift or craft with them to jazz up the boring plain wraps. (:

what are we to do without colours and prints?