buttons and ribbons = happiness

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it's 2010. a brand new year to start... with buttons! what's the relationship between buttons and ribbons? infinite fun in crafting! especially with the funky prints we have below:

[click image to enlarge]
the wooden material provides a rustic feel to the buttons. the playful prints of flowers reminds me of the flower power hippie times of the 60s. the colours of the flowers can be brought out with the use of red hues (red, maroon, burgundy, wine, purple... the list goes on) of ribbons.
similar wooden material with blue/purplish floral prints. i can picture the use of blue/green hues ribbons for that soothing combination of floral sea. my personal favourite will be using a mint green ribbon.
colourful concentric circles peppering around the lemon-coloured button.
wooden button with colourful butterflies fluttering here and there!
huge wooden buttons with psychedelic coloured prints
sweet pink butterfly on a simple wooden button.
rows of hearts printed on white acryllic buttons.

my favourite button! rainbow in a button! just looking at them makes me happy.
aqua, watermelon, cotton candy and mint dots on white acryllic buttons. a refreshing combination...
colourful stripes splatter across the buttons.
sweetheart! match it with white, ivory or pink shades ribbon for that perfect combination.
it looks quite alike to the previous button post except with brighter colours (somewhat louder).
red spots on yolk yellow. i am imagining it with bright red ribbon to bring out the spots! or orange?

argyle pattern of fuchsia, apple green and purple. the right concoction for a cheerful colour palette. (:
the flowers remind me of hibiscus and orchid. don't know why but they do. very pretty.
other than buttons, we also have an easy solution to add that needed festivity into plain ribbons... chinese character of prosperity for lunar new year decorations, hampers or gifts.
sweety treats for all!

that's all for this round of updates. changed the background for the shots. think 2010 is a good year to *experiment*
(: it is too late to say happy new year but just in time to say 恭喜发财,万事如意!