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with new arrivals flooding in, it's hardly the right time to post such randomness. but i can't resist posting these satin colours which were coincidentally placed together while we do our regular stock check. licorice, cranberry and burgundy... darkness.

sweet 16: ribbon party

10.10.09 ♥♥♥♥ another note from KSMINTON | blogging about , , 1 comments

it's been more than a year since we started this blog... and this is only our 16th post. a rather dismal performance in quantity of entries... but fear not, this is our sweet 16 post! and be warned for the sweetness to come below!

[click to enlarge the photos...]
i can imagine... white-or-pink-or-red-or-creamy-or-even khaki/dark chocolate wrapping paper frame with the sweetness of strawberries. feels so japanese gift-wrap style. something for valentine's day gift. or for the little girl in us (:halloween isn't widely celebrated in singapore, but the contrasting black print of jack-o'-latern and the cat (detailed with green eyes!) is simply pretty for crafting! look at the starry starry night above those white layered clouds... sweetness, again.
i love the weaveee-s (as i call them). they range from funkylicious to folk-artsy to sweet feminine floral power. always feel that using them on gifts provide a more personal touch... the intricacy of woven ribbon just makes it more special than printed ribbons.what did i say... pure sweetness! fluttering butterflies for a pastel coloured theme. be it the garden wedding or a girl's gift.this ribbon is the perfect embellishment for a new-born's gift. frame it above white broader satin ribbon to create the perfect fluffy bow.
can you resist these reversibles? delightful pink-brown combination.i like the fresh red and black's stark contrast on the white grosgrain ribbon. the clarity of the prints remind me of the little ladybug i saw in my childhood. cheerful combination for the children's gift or hairbow.ice-cream, cupcakes, donuts and lollipop... my sweet tooth is aching for these sugary treats. a really small collection to woven preppy stripes. we have the classic black and white, the melon-coral combination and lastly the baby pink-blue stripes.

think the sweetness ends here? this is certainly not the last update for this year. stay tune...