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time for updates! we have been busy with our exhibition and re-doing our displays for these two months. riding on last year's experience, we had decided to join another exhibition to share our products and experience. true to our expectations, it was a blast meeting new friends and learning more about the various trade in gift and premiums.

as we prepared for our exhibitions installation, we decided to plunge into the deep end to also change our dusty display at the entrance of our shop. (:

let's share some photos of some of our creative adventure!

this was just one panel of our display at the shop. we had a few other panels showcasing the various possibilities to using our products. we are glad to hear positive feedback from our very kind customers and appreciate their response to our efforts. (:

as we approach our busy season of christmas and new year, we hope to allocate more time to crafting more creative adventures. please do also share with us your adventures!


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in the midst of working, i found some old work i did previously. usually, i will cringe as time changes one's taste palate but i was oddly pleased with the finishing of that product photo. so i thought of sharing it... what do you think?

we actually brought in more colours then what you see on the above shot. maybe i should do an update...

no mirage in the desert

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you are seeing it right! we are having our very first stock clearance sales. take a look into our garden at the range of flowers that are going off at (in our opinion, really gorgeous - in hokkien, it's called swee) prices.

p.s. these are only some of the selection. we are also clearing stock for other items. feel free to drop by at our shop (and remember to take a look at our new display! tell us what you think about them!!!)

n.b. we re-upload the last photo to the correct product codes. (;

linked linked world

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awesome! we managed to link our blog and pinterest to facebook!

we have been away digitally but our physical selves are hard at work. (: (: (: trust us when we say that many good stuff are queuing for you... (: watch this space and you won't be disappointed.

meanwhile, take some time to look at our current obsession - pinterest. it's a handy app on iphone which is a super easy and fun to use to organize images online into inspiration/mood/theme boards. if only we can use this for all projects! like a client requests a theme and you pin all relevant images to pinterest and send her the link!  super handy and fun for busy you and me.

p.s. let's hope this post appears on facebook so we know it works...


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velvet ribbons have always been quite a popular choice in creating that luxurious finish to that christmas or wedding gifts. i love the fashion inspiration behind the gift wrap below; the mash up of the bright coral velvet ribbon with the bling bling glitter.

tutorial from here: {Ambrosia Creative} featured on Martha Stewart Craft Dept
these houses remind me of our woven/printed stripe ribbons and i am pretty sure i will be super happy to return home to such a cheerful looking quaint house. sweet isn't it?

pinterest from here: {ohjoy} - for the home pinterest
i am now very tempted to source or create a "grass" ribbon after seeing the following house...
grass-covered house from here: Frohnleiten - Austria
what did you think about when you see these chairs? reminds me of plaids, gingham and stripe ribbons... odd how i can associate these patterns to our ribbons... (:

Paola Navone: Euphoria for Eumenes from here: {poppytalk} image from designboom

we love it how the different designs from all walk of life and products remind us of our ribbon... 

akan datang!

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we just realized that this place has been neglected for a while. so here we are! say hi to our friends. there are more to come so check this space...