20.3.12 ♥♥♥♥ another note from KSMINTON |

velvet ribbons have always been quite a popular choice in creating that luxurious finish to that christmas or wedding gifts. i love the fashion inspiration behind the gift wrap below; the mash up of the bright coral velvet ribbon with the bling bling glitter.

tutorial from here: {Ambrosia Creative} featured on Martha Stewart Craft Dept
these houses remind me of our woven/printed stripe ribbons and i am pretty sure i will be super happy to return home to such a cheerful looking quaint house. sweet isn't it?

pinterest from here: {ohjoy} - for the home pinterest
i am now very tempted to source or create a "grass" ribbon after seeing the following house...
grass-covered house from here: Frohnleiten - Austria
what did you think about when you see these chairs? reminds me of plaids, gingham and stripe ribbons... odd how i can associate these patterns to our ribbons... (:

Paola Navone: Euphoria for Eumenes from here: {poppytalk} image from designboom

we love it how the different designs from all walk of life and products remind us of our ribbon...