creative adventure!

28.9.12 ♥♥♥♥ another note from KSMINTON | blogging about , , , , , ,

time for updates! we have been busy with our exhibition and re-doing our displays for these two months. riding on last year's experience, we had decided to join another exhibition to share our products and experience. true to our expectations, it was a blast meeting new friends and learning more about the various trade in gift and premiums.

as we prepared for our exhibitions installation, we decided to plunge into the deep end to also change our dusty display at the entrance of our shop. (:

let's share some photos of some of our creative adventure!

this was just one panel of our display at the shop. we had a few other panels showcasing the various possibilities to using our products. we are glad to hear positive feedback from our very kind customers and appreciate their response to our efforts. (:

as we approach our busy season of christmas and new year, we hope to allocate more time to crafting more creative adventures. please do also share with us your adventures!