create your rose garden with us!

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hi ribbon-lovers, we know we know! it's been a long time since we updated this space. it's time for more creative adventures! this time, we would like to invite you to join us in creating your own rose garden.

how many times have we hear customers complain that they are not able to find their perfect coloured rose... they have the perfect colour palette, with the backdrop and ribbons complementing one another and yet at the end of the day, they are not able to find a fabric rose of the right colour for corsage or packaging. many resourceful customers will then make their own rose. others who are not adept with the needle and thread will then fret about looking for a replacement. 

fret no more and join us as we embark on our first journey to your rose garden! 

Workshop Details

What is covered?           
Learn the techniques to craft your own satin rose. Suitable for craft enthusiasts interested in doing their own floral accessories. These roses can be made into corsages, brooches and headbands. 

Who should attend?          
♥♥ Ribbon-lovers who embrace crafting! No sewing required! Just cut and paste!

Date: 24 August 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 1000am to 1130am (Morning) | 1300 to 1400 (Afternoon)
Venue: 36 Arab Street Singapore 199735 
Fee: $65.00 (incl.7% GST) 
Ribbons and materials will be provided. Please bring a pair of scissors and a measuring tape. 

Kindly confirm your registration by paying the full fee at Kin Soon - House of Ribbon (36 Arab Street) or through Paypal

Terms and Conditions: 
i.    Seats will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment and registration form. 
ii.   No refund will be given for seats cancellation. Please confirm your availability before registering. 
iii.  We will require a minimum size before the workshop proceed. The minimum class size is 3persons. If there are not enough participant, the fee will be refunded via cheque. 
iv.  The maximum class size is 6 persons. If more than 6 persons register for this workshop, seats will be allocated based on a first come first serve basis. 

please respond at this form to join us in our rosy affairs!