ribbons in packaging

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over my daily blog reads on various packaging sites, i stumbled upon many products with interesting image concept. ribbons are often used as the finishing touch to these products packaging. the next three images collates some of my finds...

hope you enjoy looking at these pretty products as much as i do. :)

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there are many ways to use the ribbon on the packaging. instead of the conventional cross-bow (where you tie across the box and tie a butterfly bow), there are tail-bows (just a knot and two sleek-cut ribbon tail), loop bows and even just using it to strap the label onto the box.

colour-wise, ribbons with the right colour can bring focus to the brand or a certain print. rather than seeking ribbon colours which always contrast with the package, subtle colours within the package's print pattern can also be used and create varying colour palettes (i.e. such as the white shimmery organza in the blue-brown variation).