the colours to a wedding

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ever wonder how to define the colours to one's wedding? is it the favourite colour(s) of the wedding couple? is it the season (i.e. spring, summer, autumn or winter)? or is it the trend of that period (dictated by the fashion walkway)?

maybe the answer is a little combination of every answer to the above questions. whether that's the answer or not, i will leave it for the brides and grooms to mull over (;

another happy find over my daily blog-surf is snippet & ink daily wedding inspiration. what i really like about it is the author's vivid titles to each inspiration boards. try guessing the colours to the inspiration board by just looking at the titles and see if you visualize the same colours as the author.

furthermore, the author's emotive take on colour theme shows that the play of colours provides character and elements to the wedding. for each inspiration board, moods were elicited from the choice of photos and colours.

some of my personal favourites are...

[click on the images for larger displays]

don't you love these colour palettes? rather than just using the conventional white and ivory, these colour palettes show how strong colours or the play of a variation of several colours can create the perfect concoction for a fun wedding theme. (: the personalities from these colours will surely make the wedding a memorable one.

once again, all inspiration boards credit to snippet & ink daily wedding inspiration.