craft it: corsages!

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corsages and boutonniere tend to be an overlooked detail in wedding. locally, corsages are sometimes used to differentiate relatives, friends or helpers from a roomful of guests.

to add a personal touch, some brides may even choose to craft their own corsages for their entourage of maids of honour or known in mandarin as "jie-mei"s. these creations can be done using the traditional fresh flowers or the recently more popular choice of silk/fabric flowers.

delicately hand-crafted fabric flower corsages for your special day. present it as souvenirs or gifts to guests for your wedding, engagement party or special occasion. (:

some ideas for you...

[click on images for larger displays]

if you wish to own them but do not want to craft them yourself, feel free to enquire on how to own these beautiful creations... you can contact us at, call us at 62983391 or visit us at our shop!